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We are striving for a new publication about Buecker aircraft. Buecker aircraft create a large fascination on airfield displays and airshows worldwide. We want to forward this fascination in words and pictures to you. We work on the history of Buecker aircraft, from the beginning in the thirties of the last century until today. From numerous events we already have a lot of photo material of the last 30 years in our archive. We are also looking for leaflets of technical nature or PR-brochures from the first 30 years of Buecker aircraft. If you are willing to support us, please get in touch with us.

By phone: 0049-173-3943862

Or by Email.

We will keep you up to date on this web site as our work proceeds. At the end of the project we will include a list of all flying Bueckers and insure a continous update.

Klaus-Jochen Rieger
Christoph Rieger

  2016.02, Christoph Rieger, Graf-Eberhard-Weg 2, 71706 Markgröningen