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To find contemporary publications is naturally not quite so simple. It is now more than 70 years ago is that the planes were built and small numbers which have been printed at the time, it is not easy to get original literature.

Nevertheless, our search was already on some literary exhibits successfull. Including the brochures of the Bucker Jungmeister and the Bucker Student finds a reliable place in our book.



We are still searching for more literature:

  • Brochures and manuals of all aircraft Bücker
  • Motor manuals
  • Technical drawings
  • Pictures from the 30s

We are happy about every offer. If you want to sell something or want to loan material to us, please get into contact with us.

Exchange or sale

Selling for 200 €, or exchange for other Bücker literature or pictures.



By phone: 0049-171-8743554

Or by Email.

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